Water Loop Heat pump

Polish leader in water source heat pump systems

Individual heat pumps use a water loop as a source to provide comfort within each zone as needed. 

Water circulation is easily accomplished using a single- or double-pipe loop rather than the standard four-pipes required for fan coil units. 

During weather extremes, water loop temperatures are controlled with cooling towers and boilers, or by exchanging heat with the earth.

Quiet comfort

The added comfort of 3E water source heat pump systems doesn’t stop with greater tenant control. Sound attenuation features such as dual-spring compressor isolation, fully insulated cabinets, and water connections with flexible stainless steel kits reduce potential noise. 

There is no excessive air flow to discomfort those near the unit. And the systems dehumidify as they cool for added comfort – especially beneficial in southern states. As a result, tenants enjoy a peaceful, comfortable room environment year-round.

The ideal solution for multistory facilities

Water source heat pump systems by 3E® are the intelligent choice for lowering costs while creating a comfortable work environment in today’s office buildings. The result of decades of research and proven performance, they provide reliable, lowmaintenance operation with individual zone control. The systems utilize spacesaving units that are interconnected by way of an efficient water loop – rather than extensive and costly ductwork. No chiller, operating engineer or air handler room is required. And unlike most other systems, 3E water source heat pump systems actually recover energy that would otherwise be wasted – and put it to work in other areas throughout the building. 

The result of this intelligent design is more than just quiet, comfortable performance for tenants. It translates into greater cost efficiencies for building owners and property managers on four vital levels:

• Lower initial installation and expansion costs.

• Superior energy efficiency for lower operating costs.

• Lower maintenance costs.

• Longest system and component life of any compatibly zoned system.

Zoned for comfort and control

3E water source heat pump systems deliver the ultimate in zoned comfort control. Tenants can easily control private offices, meeting rooms, open office areas and more with thermostats on each unit or one „intelligent” control system. During or after hours, the systems can heat and cool separate zones simultaneously on demand. And unlike chilled water systems that cannot fairly pro-rate usage, 3E water source heat pump systems enable accurate metering for direct tenant billing. Should there be a need to meter usage or control temperatures levels in selected areas, connectivity is easily accomplished.

Attractive building from every viewpoint

Whether you are a building owner, property manager or a tenant, 3E water source heat pump systems are good for business. The sleek, space-saving units maximize rentable space. 

The inherent simplicity of the system also eliminates the large mechanical room requirements of more cumbersome systems. Inside the building, tenants enjoy quiet comfort, conveniently zoned to suit their needs. Outside, there is no need for unsightly, multiple wall penetrations with condensers to distract from the building’s architectural beauty. The result is a more attractive property, in more ways than one.

Intelligent efficiency for greater savings

Year after year, 3E water source heat pump systems offer the high efficiency necessary to keep operating costs down. In fact, they offer a lower operating cost than most compatibly zoned systems. The difference lies in the system’s ability to recover otherwise wasted energy and use it elsewhere in the facility. This dynamic, intelligent use of energy balances the needs of the entire facility while reducing operating costs.

Lower costs

The expensive initial requirements of alternative systems simply cannot compare to affordable 3E water source heat pump installations. 3E systems eliminate these costly needs:

Large-scale complex duct work.

• Large chillers.

• Operating engineers.

• Extensive insulated piping requirements.

• Holes in outside walls.

3E has numerous products that can be combined to handle all spaceconditioning needs. Systems often include horizontal and vertical cabinet products, small console units with no wall penetration needed – even large units designed for rooftop applications. Additions to the system for future loads are easy and economical.

The longest life on the market

3E water source heat pump systems are easy to maintain and operate with very little stress on the system, they offer a longer system and component life. No other heating and cooling system provides a more attractive life cycle cost.

Water - source heat pump systems

• Buildings contain year – round internal heat gains.

• Lighting – 11 to 13 watts per square meter.

• People – between 100 and 150 watts.

• Equipment – copiers, computers, etc.

• These can be recovered and recycled by a water-source heat pump system .

• Space Heating.

• Water Heating.

• Simple vapor compression refrigerant circuit.

• Cooling mode heat is extracted from the air and rejected into the water loop.

• Competitive Efficiencies 3 kW-15 kW.

• Heating mode the process is reversed, with heat being extracted from the water loop and rejected into the air.

• Thermal energy can be transferred (“pumped”) between the air and the water loop, in either direction, on demand.

• The most efficient way to move thermal Energy.

• 50 mm pipe can carry as much cooling as a 600 mm duct.

• Up to 90% less transport Energy.

• Mass of the water loop also provides thermal storage.

• Water heat exchangers are more compact and efficient than air-cooled heat exchangers.

• Operate at lower condensing temperatures.

• Inverter compressor.


3E 003

3E 004

3E 005

3E 007

3E 010

3E 012

3E 015

3E 020

Cooling power

kW (*)

Heating power

kW (**)

Rated power
consumption – cooling

kW (*)

Rated power
consumption – heating

kW (**)

Air flow (max./min.)


Max available static pressure (1)


Nominal water flow


Water pressure drop


Weight nett/gross


Pressure acoustic level (LP) (2)

Low/High speeddB(A)43/4643/4649/5149/5148/5149/5149/5347/54








Hydraulic connections

1/2” G1/2” G1/2” G3/4” G3/4” G1” G1” G1” G

Refrigerant amount